Phil Webster's 10-Point Plan

The different neighborhoods of District 21 have different needs that need to be addressed.  They all have different strengths as well.

If we stick together as a team, we can improve every part of our community.

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1.  Ameriplex Parkway Extension   I strongly oppose the extension of the Ameriplex Parkway from Kentucky Avenue to the new I-69 / Southport Road Interchange.  This road would run east and west and divide us once again north and south like I- 465 did in the past. This is a road that Councillor Bain has supported from the very beginning of his appointed term.

2.  Parks         I would have pushed for more of the Lilly grant money to be spent on Southwestway Park, as well as Carson Park. When compared to what other parks received, we really got the short end of the stick.

Charges for Youth Activities         I will push hard to have the Parks Department stop charging our youth organizations for the use of their fields and requiring those organizations to pay the lights bill so players and spectators can enjoy this time-honored tradition.  I would ask the Mayor stop requiring our soccer teams to share their fields with outside community groups.

3. Public Transportation         I would advocate that IndyGo have more than one bus route into our Council District. They should also run additional routes throughout the District so more residents can use Public Transit; particularly the elderly. I would also ask them to make the bus stop areas more attractive by making the benches level and removing advertising from the benches. I would have them put a roof over them to protect riders from the sun, rain, and snow.

4.  Fair Road Funding      I would really push the Republican controlled state legislature to change the road formula so Indianapolis would have more money to repair the infrastructure of Indianapolis.

I would push the Federal Government to make the state government repair the federal roads that run through Indianapolis.

5.  Basic Infrastructure  I would investigate how either the State or Federal Government could help bring, for environmental reason, sewers and water to all residents of our community.

6.  Use of School District Facilities  I would work with the School Boards of Decatur and Perry Townships to open up the public buildings that the Boards oversee, so the community can use the facilities they pay taxes for. The School Districts should open up the classrooms for some type of night school. Decatur Township Schools should keep the Pavilion open longer hours. There should be inter-mural sports for our young people and an exercise room for the community. How about opening the very attractive pool for public swims?

7.  Public Safety     I would work with the Indianapolis Police Department to open a sub-station in this Council District so the police could be closer to our community and hopefully be able to extend more police patrols through our neighborhoods. I would push for overtime pay for police living in Decatur and Perry Township. If they are off duty and wish to take a run, then they would be paid for it. This could help reduce some of the crime and trespassing going on in our community.

8.  Revitalization North of I-465       One of the most important plans I want to implement is to revitalize the area north of I-465 along Kentucky Ave.  I would insist that the city pick up the trash and cut the weeds on a consistent basis.  KENTUCKY AVENUE WILL BE PAVED IN THE NEAR FUTURE thanks to Councillor Jared Evans.  Mann Road to 465 will also be paved soon.  Now we must continue the work Councillor Evans started and make this part of our District a better place to live and work.

9.  Airport   Since much of our area is under the control of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, I want to see that a resident of Decatur Township is appointed to that decision making board.

10.  Tax Abatements      I will do whatever I can to keep warehouses and high-density housing out of our District.  I expect industrial developers to pay their full share of taxes and I would not grant any tax abatement to industrial developers as a prerequisite for them to build.

This my 10 point plan to improve our district. The southwest side needs better leadership.  I am ready to work for what our community deserves.